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No Mess Left Behind During Roof Replacement

Removing an old roof can be a messy process. Roof shingles being torn off carelessly can damage gutters, destroy plants and expensive landscaping.

When roofing nails are airborne they are even more dangerous, as they can still be found months after your roofing project is complete.

If the roofing company you choose is careless in setting up the proper property protection you and your family will be exposed to unnecessary risks. There is no need to rush through the installation process and cut corners it only leads to unsafe messy job sites. At Integrity we are committed to helping you protect your property throughout the entire project.

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The Problem

Your lawn is supposed to be a safe place for your children and pets. That’s why we are committed to protecting your home before your project ever begins, Our approach to serving you includes.

Respect for your property: Removing old shingles and felt can cause quite a mess. So before we begin a roofing project, we set up a wall of tarps to protect landscaping, plants, and anything close to the home that could be damaged by roofing debris. This includes pools, grills, decks, patios, outdoor furniture, hvac equipment, plants, gutters, outdoor lighting, and any items that need protecting.

The Solution

With an on-site Customer experience manager, the communication lines are open. This ensures that if additional damage is found you can be immediately informed and shown the damage. It also ensures that every critical inspection point is photo documented and appearance of your property is kept neat and clean.

Cleaning up is a crucial part of any roof repair or roof replacement project, not an afterthought. If a project takes more than a day, we will leave the job site as neat as possible at the end of the day. After the project is complete, tarps are rolled up, we use an industrial-strength magnet to collect any nails that may have been missed. We also install gutter socks on the end of each downspout just in case the rain dislodges any nails left behind offering further protection for weeks to come.

The Promise

No-Nail Left Behind. 

Did you know the average 30 sq roof is installed using 15,660 nails ?
As your old roof is being torn off nails can end up in the yard, driveway, and other areas where they’ll be very hard to find. Months later, these loose nails can threaten your pets, children and car tires.

We are so serious about making sure we don’t leave nails behind when we complete your project we have a no-nail left behind promise. Which means not only will we leave your yard spotless but if you find nails in your yard within 7 days after we collect final payment we will pay you a $1 nail for every nail up to $100.

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